Each dwelling unit is allocated one garage and driveway for its exclusive parking use. No other owner, resident, guest, licensee, or another person shall park in a parking area reserved or designated as an owner's exclusive parking area. All parking within the property shall be in accordance with rules and regulations adopted from time to time by the association. All vehicles on the property must be operational, in good repair, must bear a current license and registration tag, and be in clean and attractive condition. Guest spaces will be located within the common property and owners may not park in guest spaces. No street parking is permitted at any time and the association reserves the right to tow vehicles at the owner's expense. No commercial vehicle, meaning car, truck, or van with signage may remain parked on a driveway or in any guest space overnight. No commercial vehicle shall be parked in any parking space except with the written consent of the board of directors, except such temporary parking spaces provided for such purpose as may be necessary to effectuate deliveries to the property or association. 

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